As the last few hours of 2012 tick down, we share possible New Year’s resolutions for many of the leading stars on both Tours, starting with the man of the year:

Djokovic:  I feel grateful to have such a wonderful group of colleagues.  This year, I will make sure to show how I appreciate them by distributing special presents.  Silver plates sound like a useful gift on which to serve the pastry treats that I provide.

Nadal:  As much as I love the soft red clay, I’d like to win on something else too.  But the asphalt is too hard, and too overridden with Djokovic.  Grass is different from clay, but not too different—just right.

Sharapova:  Winning the French Open was great, no doubt, but I agree with Rafa that being a clay specialist gets old quickly.  After all, it’s nice to win something during the other 80% or so of the season.  Serena surely doesn’t play all of those tournaments?

Serena:  I’ll give the rankings the legitimacy that they lack.  In no world should the world #1 have a 1-11 record against the world #3.  Well, unless the world #3 is me.

Venus:  Same thing as usual for me:  taking care of my younger sister.  I thought that I might add another resolution this year, but I don’t think that I’d have time for it.

Federer:  Same thing as usual for me too:  continuing to be the greatest player of all time.  Sometimes it gets dull, I admit, but it could be worse.  I could be trying to become the first player to win my home major since the Second World War.

Murray:  That sounds like a marvelous ambition to have.  Mark that down for my resolution.  Wait, what did Rafa choose for his?

Radwanska:  What did Venus choose for hers, again?  Well, I can’t spare any resolutions for Ula.  I need all of my resolve to beat Vika and create a better image for the WTA.  All about the greater good!

Berdych:  That’s a commendable goal.  I’m going to make an altruistic resolution too.  I will shake my opponent’s hand after every match—even if I hit a ball at him. 

Kvitova:  Something sounded strange about that resolution, Tomas, but I’m not really sure what it is.  I’m not really sure how to fix what went wrong with my game last year either, but I’m going to try.  Try something, anyway.

Azarenka:  I’m going to beat Serena.  Try to beat her, anyway.  Although I wouldn’t mind if someone else cracks that riddle before I do.

Tsonga:  I have a strange riddle to solve as well.  This year, I will try to remember how to win a match against someone in the top eight. 

Li:  Maybe you should listen to your new coach.  My resolution is to listen to what my coach tells me, at least for more than a few minutes at a time. 

Ferrer:  I will run.  And run.  And keep running.  And every day I will say in the mirror to myself that I am a Masters 1000 champion.

Errani:  I will run.  And run.  And keep running.  And every day I will say in the mirror to myself that I am a Roland Garros finalist.

Stosur:  No more pasta for me until I get my revenge on Errani!  I want to make my new coach glad that he left his Tennis Australia job to focus on me.

Del Potro:  I will relive the greatest experience of my life, only it will be real.  This time, nobody is cutting me off before I finish what I want to say on the podium in New York.

Wozniacki:  I’m going to find ways to spend more time with the most wonderful person in my life.  If both of us set our priorities right, we should be able to manage it.

Tipsarevic:  It’s hard to imagine things going much better than they have.  I simply hope to have the opportunity to spend more time with the most wonderful person in my life.  (That’s Novak, obviously.)